Ben Davies


Ben has over 17 years experience within financial and commodity markets, starting his career in 1994 trading credit fixed-income at Credit Lyonnais. He then moved to Aubrey G Langston & Co (IBJI) in 1997 where he was a US fixed-income trader. In 1999 Ben moved to Greenwich Capital in London where he traded multi-asset classes. He left Greenwich in 2001 following the merger with RBS and took a position as a portfolio manager for Blue Sky Capital Australia, a Japanese equity hedge fund.

In 2002 he returned to Greenwich Capital in London to take up the position as head of fixed income and macro-proprietary trading. Ben is considered a leading expert in the precious metals sector, and his views on global economic issues and markets are widely cited by the financial media. He is a frequent commentator on financial markets on numerous broadcast networks, including Sky Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg and King World News, and is widely cited in the mainstream media. He is also a partner of the growing independent macro-research company Variant Perception. Ben co-founded Hinde Capital in 2007.

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Ben Davies
Co-Founder and CEO
Mark Mahaffey
Co-Founder and CFO
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Ben davies
Mark mahaffey
Mark Denby
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