Protect and Grow your Wealth

Hinde Capital’s inception was born out of a desire to help investors protect and grow their wealth. So in keeping with our philosophy to help investors achieve this, we developed some interesting solutions to the falling income issues we all face today. We have found an investing solution that will help individuals grow their nest egg for their retirement, their children’s education or just to build wealth for whatever spending requirements they will want to indulge in.

Investors invariably cannot afford, or simply do not wish to suffer large drawdowns in the value of their portfolios, yet need to achieve returns greater than inflation over the longer term, and over cash deposit rates which often pay nothing in the current environment.

These strategies have been designed for investors needing sustainable, inflation-proofed income and / or growth, with a degree of capital protection against falling markets.

Hinde Dividend Products

hinde dividend fund overview.


Equity income strategies which capture short-term capital stock re-valuations combined with regularly reinvested dividend income to provide real, long-term total returns

- Hinde Dividend Value Matrix TM
- Quantitative, Systematic methodology
- Income and Capital Growth
- Quality over Yield & Market Protection

hinde dividend fund overview.

hinde dividend fund overview.


Research paper: Why invest in dividend paying companies?

hinde dividend fund overview.