Company Profile

Hinde Capital is based in London and was established to launch its first fund specialising in the precious metals sector, Hinde Gold Fund.

Hinde Gold Fund was incorporated as a professional fund in the British Virgin Islands on September 28th 2007 and began managing funds on October 19th 2007.

Hinde Gold Fund’s primary aim is to provide our investors with exposure to the precious metals market through a highly liquid, actively managed fund with low leverage. The turbulence of rapid globalisation, in our view, requires a significant allocation of resources to tangible assets like gold which, over time, should provide first capital protection against the loss of purchasing power, and second capital appreciation. Hinde Gold Fund was created to meet the needs of investors as we head into a volatile monetary landscape in the forthcoming years..

Key Personnel

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Ben Davies
Co-Founder and CEO
Mark Mahaffey
Co-Founder and CFO
Simon White
Head of Risk Management
Paul Burton
Mining Consultant
Janine Funsch
Director of Sales and Marketing
Dee Sibert
Director of Business and Finance
Aalok Sathe
Ben davies
Mark mahaffey
Simon white
Paul burton
Janine funsch
Dee sibert
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