Company Profile

Hinde Capital is a London based Investment Manager, specialising in developing world-class investment solutions for institutions, family offices, trustees, as well as high net worth private clients and their advisers. Hinde Capital offers investors a range of disciplined investment strategies that draw on the founders’ real-world trading and risk management experience attained from previous senior trading and money managing roles at some of the largest global financial institutions.

Our principle aims are to help investors achieve real adjusted returns and provide long-term wealth protection. We offer funds and strategies that both grow capital and accrue income.

Established in 2007, Hinde Capital launched its first fund the same year specialising in the precious metals sector, Hinde Gold Fund, BVI Ltd. Hinde Gold Fund’s primary aim is to provide our investors with exposure to the precious metals market through a highly liquid, actively managed fund with low leverage and security of assets.

Hinde Dividend Products were introduced in 2014 to provide a series of equity income strategies based on our proprietary valuation models the Hinde Dividend Value Matrix®. It is the first of a series of equity income products run both by strategy and geography. We are currently developing our European, US and MSCI Asian versions.

The strategies range from long only, 50% hedged to market neutral, enabling investors to switch between more or less exposure to stock markets but without negating the reinvestment of their dividends in the stocks held.

Products are available within Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) and Managed accounts, where we can tailor solutions and add absolute return profiles.

The SG Hinde UK Dividend Value ETN (50% Hedge) is the first of a new generation of Actively Managed ‘Smart Beta’ Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs), which utilise the award winning product capabilities of Societe Generale, the number one in Exchange Traded Products by volume globally.

This is the first of our ‘Active’ and ‘Smart Beta’ Exchange Traded Products, where the systematic and quantitative Hinde Dividend Value Strategies, absolute return-like strategies are provided in an affordable and accessible manner for institutions, family offices and sophisticated retail investors.

The SG Hinde UK Active Dividend Value ETN (50% Hedge), ticker HALF.L, listed on the LSE, invests in UK stocks from the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250. Its ticker notation is to denote the reduced volatility of this product particularly in a situation of falling stock markets.

Key Personnel

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Ben Davies
Co-Founder and CEO
Mark Mahaffey
Co-Founder and CFO
Mark Denby
Partner and Portfolio Manager
Simon White
Head of Risk Management
Aalok Sathe
Janine Funsch
Director of Sales and Marketing
Paul Burton
Mining Consultant
Ben davies
Mark mahaffey
Mark Denby
Simon white
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Janine funsch
Paul burton