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Risky, Riskier, and the Riskiest

Is now the worst time to invest?  I would go further and argue there has never been a riskier juncture in the history of investment at which to put money to work.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the typical choices.
Corporate bonds. These, on an outright basis, have never offered such a low yield. Implied company-default rates are almost preternaturally low, thus almost certainly not reflecting reality.

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Skyhigh or Skyfall?

Skyfall, the 2012 James Bond blockbuster hit the $1 billion milestone recently making it the highest grossing 007 movie of all time. The ten top-grossing James Bond films are below (click on images for a closer view).


Clearly the headline jumps out at you that is Skyfall is top of the list, therefore it must be the most popular movie to date in the series. Of course, that would perhaps be more accurately measured by how many people actually went to see the screening? Even that idea is at fault as shouldn’t it be measured by the actual percentage of the population who viewed it? I believe that prize goes to Gone With the Wind, which apparently is also the highest grossing movie in inflation-adjusted terms as well.


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