Fund Manager Jonathan Tepper Nominated to the Wolfzon Prize

We are happy to announce that Hinde Equity Fund Manager and Chief Editor at Variant Perception Jonathan Tepper has been elected as one of the nominated candidates for the Wolfson Economics Prize for his piece A Primer on the Euro.  More details can be found at the Policy Exchange website as well as on the Guardianthe Telegraphthe Wall Street Journal and in this piece by the New York times.


The details of the Wolfson Economics Prize are given below;

The Wolfson Economics Prize, which challenges the world’s brightest economists to prepare a contingency plan for a break-up of the Eurozone, today (3rd April, 2012) unveiled a shortlist of five finalists.


The shortlisted entries, though all very different from each other, provide valuable ideas about how best to manage a member state leaving the euro.


The judges have given the finalists the opportunity to address key questions about their entry. Finalists will be given until the 29th of May to develop and resubmit their entries. Everyone who has progressed to this stage will be guaranteed a £10,000 share of the prize. The winner(s) of the Wolfson Economics Prize will be announced on the 5th of July.

In this video, Lord Wolfson himself talks about the submissions and Jonathan gets to discuss his own submission here.

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