Hinde Dividend Products

These provide a series of equity dividend strategies based on our proprietary valuation models the Hinde Dividend Value Matrix™ . The strategies range by geography from long only, 50% hedged to market neutral, enabling investors to switch between more or less exposure to stock markets but without negating the reinvestment of their dividends in the stocks held. The SG Hinde UK Dynamic Equity ETN (50% Hedge) was our first strategy to be offered as an equity dividend product. It seeks to generate a total return from an actively managed portfolio of relatively high yielding UK stocks, with partial protection against market falls.

Hinde Equity Fund

Hinde Gold Fund

Hinde Gold Fund is a managed gold fund that maintains a long bias. The Fund offers investors the opportunity to seek the preservation of capital by investing in gold, against the potential erosion of the purchasing power of fiat ‘paper’ money.

-0.42% month to date (APR 2015)
+3.11% year to date

Hinde Gold Fund


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